2018 Recap: Hi, It’s Me.

I cannot believe the last time I posted on here was when we moved OUT OF THE CITY OF HARRISBURG!

When I logged on initially I was kind of shocked I allowed my blog to get so far behind but, I hope that shows you how busy Zach and I have been over the course of a year and over. I am happy to say that life has slowed down significantly and I have been finding myself becoming compliant and dare I say, bored. So, recently, as in the past two months, I have been yearning for a creative outlet. Zach then said: “what happened to your blog?”  And to be completely honest, I forgot about my blog – oops. Well, sort of. I did buy a new tripod the beginning of summer because I knew it would slow down – well, this summer was far from slow. This year was A LOT of fun but, full of new ventures too. Lets take a trip down not so far memory lane that was this year. Continue reading 2018 Recap: Hi, It’s Me.


This is 30

You know what is so weird saying that I am thirty years old, now? Actually, telling people I am thirty! The fact, that I am no longer in my twenties is very strange, honestly.

I wish I could tell everyone that I had all these epiphanies as I made this journey through my twenties and as I do believe in some ways I matured more in the past year but, I want to preference this by saying: THANK GOD MY TWENTIES ARE OVER!

I had a lot of major ups and downs in that decade.

I went from being a very innocent, sweet, quiet, semi-awkward girl who just wanted to make everyone happy and I feel like -which makes me feel a bit emotional- to a not so innocent, fun loving, still semi-awkward, hard working, emotional wreck at times, someone who doesn’t know how to handle her feelings or handles them in the wrong way, but still continues to try to make everyone happy, and not so quiet women.

This is what life has done to me and vice versa.

But, it wasn’t always bleak. I had beautiful moments in my twenties that I still cherish till this day – I just wish in certain aspects I was more outgoing and intuitive – but, again that is life. I met a lot of great friends who I still keep in contact with today. I pioneered for five years which has helped mold me to become more upfront and really helped me speak to strangers and socially I think it was the best example that helped me grow throughout the years and for the most part helped me stay more focused in the truth and that moment in my life helped me get through some of the harder moments as well.

I also met my first boyfriend who ended becoming my husband. Through him I gained even more wonderful people in my life who became my friends and family and that has been such a blessing. I moved away from South New Jersey to pursue life in Central Pennsylvania – which I love and I now call this place home. And even though, that stretch of my life has been harder and more challenging and the challenges have been very difficult to deal with at times I feel like now, I am becoming stronger from those experiences. It may have taken me a few years but, you really start to look in the mirror and ask yourself: “you can not go on like this, you need to do something about it, NOW” And that is basically how 29 went for me.

Which brings myself to a brand spankin’ new decade! I have entered my 30’s. And I always hear ones who are in their 40-60’s say: “My thirties were my best years”.

I have faith that I will be able to say the same.

I Forget Where We Were


On Thursday’s we listen to music.

I will feature either a song, album or a concert I checked out and dedicate that post to just music. I love music so much it has always stirred up emotions: happiness, sadness, anger and everything in between within me.

Music is my ultimate love language.  Continue reading I Forget Where We Were

Positive: Vibes

Pun intended.

I want to talk about positivity.

When you are bogged down with life and when it comes to dealing with struggles in our life along with stress we can forget to be positive. I know I definitely forget. I have been dealing with a lot of emotional stress due to family issues and its been a very frustrating situation as well. So, not only am I sad but I am also angry and that mixed together does not concoct well. I have been dealing with my stress in the worst way possible and I knew I had to make a significant change with how I deal with stress along with how to stay more positive regardless of what is going on in my life: good or bad.

I talked to my doctor and I have been researching myself to alleviate stress in a good way. So, here are a few things I have been practicing to stay more positive:

Continue reading Positive: Vibes