2018 Recap: Hi, It’s Me.

I cannot believe the last time I posted on here was when we moved OUT OF THE CITY OF HARRISBURG!

When I logged on initially I was kind of shocked I allowed my blog to get so far behind but, I hope that shows you how busy Zach and I have been over the course of a year and over. I am happy to say that life has slowed down significantly and I have been finding myself becoming compliant and dare I say, bored. So, recently, as in the past two months, I have been yearning for a creative outlet. Zach then said: “what happened to your blog?”  And to be completely honest, I forgot about my blog – oops. Well, sort of. I did buy a new tripod the beginning of summer because I knew it would slow down – well, this summer was far from slow. This year was A LOT of fun but, full of new ventures too. Lets take a trip down not so far memory lane that was this year.


December 2017, I had to leave Standard Process of PA, unwillingly. The main office in Wisconsin, took the owners distribution away and the company had to downsize significantly so, I lost my job and had to get a new one. This was a stressful time. I will try to make this segment as short as possible but, the short news is: I lost my job, I fell back on working at Fulton Bank as a Teller – and yes, it was a means to an end – but, wow, I forgot how much I hated that job! I stuck it out for six months and in June 2018 a friend called me about a job opening at her job and I applied, got the interview and landed the job with an Exit Sign company and I am there till this day and I really love my job. Its laid back, pays well, offers benefits for my husband and I and yes, waking up at 5:30a.m. was rough but, I am getting use to it.


May 2018 – The Fingerlakes

Zach and I, knew we wanted to go away this year for our anniversary because we did not last year. I have been wanting to go to The Fingerlakes in NY for years and finally we were able to go!

We booked the cutest little cottage through Air B&B that was hosted by the cutest family with the BEST view!

The weather was a tad more cooler than expected and to be honest, it kind of bummed me out. For some weird reason, I was concern about Zach – even though he is so chill and just goes with the flow and was fine – I guess I wanted the weekend to be awesome and I didn’t plan accordingly. Over all, we made it a really nice trip. We drank a lot of good wine – a lot of good dry Reisling shockingly – and we had a beer day for Zach and it poured! We toured the Ithaca Brewing Co. and checked out Climbing Bines and honestly despite the crappy weather we had the best day! Sunday, was Mothers Day – which we keep forgetting that our wedding day is Mothers Day and all the brunch places were booked. So, we ended up at the worst breakfast buffet experience ever – we couldn’t help but, laugh afterwards and we said to each other that we would have gotten better food at McDonalds. All in all, the Fingerlakes is beautiful and I really want to go back like in 2019.

July 2018 – Rehoboth Beach

YES! A real beach weekend!! I have been dying for a true beach weekend for almost two years. We both never been to Rehoboth Beach, DE and a good incentive was to visit Dogfish Head Brewery. So, we saw that Dogfish has an Inn near to the beach and we were like “score!”

First of all, I think I love Rehoboth now! Its clean, beautiful, family friendly and easy. The first day was amazing, all I did was chill on the beach, sleep and read my book plus, hanging out with Zach eating watermelon, handmade sandwiches and chips. This year was full of trip hiccups – Dogfish Inn – BEAUTIFUL spot! When we were going to check in that night after a full day on the beach the check-in guy couldn’t find us in the system and come to find out Zach booked Sunday not Saturday – and we only planned to stay that night and go home Sunday evening. To the staff, of Dogfish Inn – you guys are awesome and very accommodating! They saw the dismay on my face – and Zach’s but, I was like “seriously?!” And he immediately went into action and said: “hey there is an inn literally down the street and they just called us 10 minutest ago that they had a cancellation but its the pet room. Its a beautiful place, they’ll take care of you” I was really looking forward to staying at Dogfish so I was pretty bummed but, we jumped in the car and went to the inn – which was beautiful, the lady showed us the room repeating that it was the pet room and she said her cleaning ladies do a good job cleaning after each visit. It smelled like dog hair but, it was a very clean room and I could tell no matter how much cleaning they did in there it would still smell like dog.

We settled in – still bummed but, we were like “hey, lets make the best of it” we went out to Dogfish Brewery – had a great time, went out to dinner and all was okay.

Sunday, we were planning to hang out on the beach the entire day. We had breakfast at the inn and they had a delicious European breakfast spread (dreams) and great coffee! All in all, we had a great relaxing Sunday and ended it at one of the Dogfish restaurants and had an amazing seafood dinner then headed on home refreshed.

September – Fort Worth & San Antonio, TX

Zach’s dad moved back home to Fort Worth, TX and he has been back to PA multiple times sense. He really wanted us to visit him in TX and we finally decided to do so, especially since we found out one of his uncles has cancer and his aunt is getting up there in age so we felt it was important to visit the family and visit his dad to see his new house.

His dad made sure that we got a full Texas experience. In true Ralph fashion. I still can not totally get into the Texas culture but, I do appreciate the love his family has for it. So, we saw and had dinner and brunch with the family multiple times which was very nice. They took us golfing one night which was really fun, and ultimately hung out with my father-in-law every morning drinking coffee and watching the news. Zach and I, went out a few times in Fort Worth city and I loved it! It is a fun place to hang out.

We decided to take a few days away to San Antonio alone. Waco, TX was on our way and we me had to visit Magnolia Silos in Baylor, TX. It was very touristy – overwhelmingly so. It was cute and smaller than expected but, I don’t think I will visit again – once was enough.

San Antonio was so nice! We stayed at a hotel per, Ralph’s request and it was very nice! I

I Forget Where We Were


On Thursday’s we listen to music.

I will feature either a song, album or a concert I checked out and dedicate that post to just music. I love music so much it has always stirred up emotions: happiness, sadness, anger and everything in between within me.

Music is my ultimate love language.  Continue reading I Forget Where We Were

Positive: Vibes

Pun intended.

I want to talk about positivity.

When you are bogged down with life and when it comes to dealing with struggles in our life along with stress we can forget to be positive. I know I definitely forget. I have been dealing with a lot of emotional stress due to family issues and its been a very frustrating situation as well. So, not only am I sad but I am also angry and that mixed together does not concoct well. I have been dealing with my stress in the worst way possible and I knew I had to make a significant change with how I deal with stress along with how to stay more positive regardless of what is going on in my life: good or bad.

I talked to my doctor and I have been researching myself to alleviate stress in a good way. So, here are a few things I have been practicing to stay more positive:

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Weekend Notes

Processed with VSCO with f3 preset
Processed with VSCO with f3 preset
One of the stained glassed domes in the Pennsylvania State Capital building.

Nothing better than realizing your work week is OVER! Not like I have a strenuous job, but the fact that I don’t have to be talking on the phone all day is a huge plus for me.

Especially, this week because for some reason I keep losing my voice – so weird.

There is nothing particularly exciting going on this weekend:

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