Adult’s Do It Better

The title might fool you but, from experience and being an eyewitness I noticed more adults throwing tantrums than I have seen children. Adults! Grown adults, like they have children in front of them and are freaking out over something not even that serious. And quite honestly, its pretty awkward and they look kind of stupid. I am a firm believer in treating people who are serving you particular with a service that you should treat them kindly and respectfully. I cringe when someone is rude to say a server at a restaurant in my group and I get so embarrassed. Like its a true pet peeve of mine and I think its actually ridiculous to treat people that way. Now, I am not speaking of when that person serving you is being rude or disrespectful themselves. You are the customer and if I am spending my money for your service I expect to receive kind, honest and respectful service. But, what made me even write this is this woman at the Apple Store. I don’t know why she irritated me so much but, I just couldn’t believe the way she was acting.

If you have never been to an Apple Store and the majority of people have, I am sure you know how crazy busy that place can get. I honestly, cannot, tell you the times I’ve visited an Apple Store and it was NOT busy. Its always busy. Always! 

My cat knocked over my cup of water over my Iphone 6 a couple of weeks ago and no matter what I did it would not come on. I made an appointment with my local Apple Store in Lancaster, PA which is 40 minutes away. My appointment was at 7:20PM I was greeted immediately and the Apple guy sat me down. Waiting game starts. This lady had an appointment as well and he sat her next to me. She kept fidgeting and she said to the guy “how long is this going to take?!” in a stern voice. He didn’t even flinch{I am guessing he is use to this behavior} he looked up her name and said “well, your appointment is set for 7:30PM and its only 7:32PM so they should be with you shortly,” smiles goes back to his job. Her face! She had such an attitude and I am like “here we go”. I felt her negative vibes. No more than say 6 minutes and she was like about to freak out, she is huffing and puffing. Looks over at me and said “how long have you been waiting here?!” I knew she was going to ask me that I just knew it and I said “oh, well, I have been here since 7:20 sooo….” and I turned back around towards my husband. And her hand hits the table and she looks at her son and exclaimes: “shes been here since 7:20!” I got so annoyed. I look at Zach, and said “this woman is annoying me”. Five more minutes past and she starts rubbing her temples and said “okay, now I am starting to get mad,” the moment she said that the guy says “okay, you both should be next I just talked to the tech’s” {at least I believe that is what he called them}. Boom! One minute later someone came to help us and while he was helping us another tech went to help her so, she really in a whole waited no more than 12 minutes where as I waited around 20-25 minutes so she didn’t wait that long compare to me who was waiting before her. This is not my first or my last encounter I am sure.

So, moral to the story is patience is a virtue and seeing adults have temper tantrums is very annoying and I feel awkward when they do it around me.


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Nina. 31. Central Pennsylvania. I enjoy talking about music, books, makeup, hair, clothing, lifestyle, and eating healthy{work in progress}. What I enjoy here will be published on my blog.

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