TGIF: I Just Can’t Stop Listening

Good morning everyone! Its a beautiful Friday morning and I realized I failed to post my TGIF music pick for last week and well, I intend on doing what I planed out to do. So, without further ado here is the song that has been played non-stop this week:

All Around Me by Flyleaf

Okay, please, don’t laugh! My husband likes rock music, straight up rock, I am talking Stone Temple Pilots, Incubus, Nine Inch Nails etc. That is what he is into, me I am not so much. I like my indie rock bands the most. That is what I gravitate to when it comes to music. We were sitting outside having dinner and since he was tired of listening to my music we played a radio off of Spotify for his music. This song came on. I was like “I HAVE NOT HEARD THIS SONG IN YEARS!” And I have been listening to it non-stop. I kid you not, its on my Starred playlist and I play it regularly. It just reminds me of being a teenager again. I use to be really into emo/pop-punk{glad those days are dead} bands and this was just part of that genre. It reminded me of Warped Tour{again, happy those days are dead} every year it just brought back a lot of feelings. Good feelings and some embarrassing times too. But, hey, that is life.


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