TGIF: I Just Can’t Stop Listening

Is it seriously October 2nd already?! I felt like September wasn’t even here. I turned 28 and that was it. It was over. But, this past week has been a good week and so has been my Spotify shuffle on my Starred playlist.

This is one of my all time favorite songs. I never get sick of it. I always sway and sing along. And when it randomly appears on shuffle and the song is over, I immediately replay it. Its been on constant repeat all week. It just felt right. Then again this song is always on constant repeat.

Rosa by Grimes

I’ve accidentally stumbled upon this song. I was never a huge fan of Grimes but, I did enjoy her popular songs and also, quite honestly, I never actually tried to listen to any of her albums{maybe I should} but, ya know life got in the way. I use to follow TropRouge she is a blogger and shared her top 5 songs and this was one of them and I just fell in love! I was like “why am I just now hearing this song?” This is a song you can also zone out to, play at a party while everyone is talking. Its tempo is low enough yet, it does capture your attention{that probably made no sense}.

Till next post! Get ready! Its a review!


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Nina. 31. Central Pennsylvania. I enjoy talking about music, books, makeup, hair, clothing, lifestyle, and eating healthy{work in progress}. What I enjoy here will be published on my blog.

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