TGIF: I Just Can’t Stop Listening

Happy Friday! This week felt like the longest week and a highly busy one and my weekend is equally as busy. But, since I finally got some time to breathe I thought I share music I have been not obsessing over but, been dancing too for weeks:

I have been loving some Tame Impala this month. I use to listen to their last album “Lonerism” and I loved the track “Elephant” so much! But, some reason I kind of stopped listening to them{and yes, they are played on the radio} but, as you probably know I don’t normally listen to the radio so I might have missed some singles. I was vacationing with friends at OBX this past September and our friend had me play “Disciples” from their new album Currants and I was like this song is cool! So, I decided to listen to the new album and I am so happy I did! Ever since we left OBX{Outer Banks, NC}, I just can’t stop listening to this album while I cook, clean, especially drive, the dance vibes are their guys!

I hope you enjoy this album as much as I do!

Till next time!


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Nina. 31. Central Pennsylvania. I enjoy talking about music, books, makeup, hair, clothing, lifestyle, and eating healthy{work in progress}. What I enjoy here will be published on my blog.

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