Current Skincare Routine/My Skin Type

Good morning everyone!

Unfortunately, I do not have a TGIF: I Just Can’t Stop Listening post because I literally only been listening to Tame Impala hehe! That is not even a joke.

But, I thought it was time to do what I have been planning for SO long. A current skincare routine. Now, I am trying to be more innovative with this blog but, I hope you can forgive my lack of photo taking skills. I am going to incoporate links to the products and where I normally buy them.

Let’s begin….

Skin Type

I have oily, acne-prone skin. I have been dealing with acne ever since I was 13 years old. So, battling acne has just been my life. I always remember having it always remember dealing with it or trying to get rid of  it. Its a constant nag. I think it is pretty common for ones with very oily skin to have breakouts. The oils get clogged in your pores and causes breakouts. Well, having oily skin is not always easy either. Yes, you do get the benefits of having more moisturized skin and youthful looking skin but, still like, ew. As for acne, I think I went through stages. I have to be honest, how my skin looks today is the best my skin has ever looked. I think I finally learned what my skin needs and what it does not like. I have blackhead, whiteheads and when its that time of the month I get like more cystic type acne where it hurts on my chin. When I was a teenager I use to have issues getting painful acne on my temple and cheeks. But, as I got older I noticed that occasionally I get them on my cheeks but, more so on my chin. When I started getting serious about my skin I decided to change my diet. I started drinking more water, cut out all sugar, started eating my veggies and fruit. And it worked! I started seeing a drastic difference in my

I’ll never forget Jaclyn Hill{youtuber} didn’t understand why girls used primers under their makeup. She thought they were unnecessary and she went on this rant about how she doesn’t understand why girls always complained about having oily skin whereas she had very dry skin and I mean she went on and on- like she was upset! And I was sitting there like “Girl! But, you don’t understand the struggle!!” I was a bit hurt. She uses primers now by the way. What I am getting at is. It is a struggle! I have to carry blotting sheets for mid-day so I don’t look disgusting and try to keep my makeup in tact. I have to wear primers. And not just any primer a mattfying primer. And mattfying makeup. {Apparently, mattfying is not a word but, today it’ll just have to be a word}. Let’s not forget the blessing of having red undertones and how I also need help with correcting redness especially on my nose! I look like Rudolph! Sorry, guys, I get kind of passionate about my skin because I hate acne and I hate being oily. But, ya, know you deal with it. And that is where this long winded intro is to talk about how I deal with my skin.


I like saying this is a current skincare routine because I will end up using other stuff in the future. Also, I will leave links to all the products mentioned. That way you can check it out and see a visual of what I am talking about.{I promise to get better at taking photos at home}

Face Wash: SheaMoisture’s African Black Soap

Uses: morning and night.

I love this face wash. I have been using this faithfully for a year now and it never disappoints. It doesn’t strip my skin of moisture and really cleans my face. Has a nice earthy shea butter smell{which I love} and removes all my makeup. I do want to go back to my Lush’s Dark Angel’s face wash just for awhile because I have been noticing the texture of my skin has been dull and like not as smooth as usual. But, yeah, if you want something natural and simple but, also want to get rid of dark spots I say try this. Plus, it’ll last your forever!

Toner: Mario Badescu’s Glycolic Acid Toner

Uses: Morning and Night

Thank you, Claire Marshall! I was struggling with my skin being very uneven and a little rough. I watched heyclaire’s skincare video and I went out and bought it and never looked back! Funny story, I never thought toner was a needed staple in your skincare routine. But, I was sorely mistaken. This product not only helped with fading out blemishes but, the texture of my skin was soooo smoothhh. I actually ran out of this and started using my other Mario Badescu toner ‘Special Cucumber Lotion‘ which is a lot gentler but, is great when you have active breakouts. It just didn’t compare to the Glycolic Acid toner I could just tell a huge difference. It also exfoliates the skin and my skin loves glycolic acid, so win!

Serums: Mario Bedescu’s Vitamin C Serum/Juice Beauty’s Blemish Clearing Serum

Uses: Vitamin C – every other night. Blemish Clearing – every morning.

If there is one product that my skin loves, its serums. I noticed the biggest difference in not only with lesser breakouts but, also a huge difference in the texture, brightening and elasticity with the appearance of my skin.

Vitamin C Serum – I am going to tell you a story, one day, I was crying because my skin was breaking out a lot and did not understand why. I used the same products that kept my skin under control and one day boom! My face was like “I don’t like these products anymore” it just revolted against me and my face showed. I mean I am not lying when I say it was bad. A lot of active breakouts and a lot of discoloration. I actually prayed because no matter what I tried it wouldn’t work. One day, I decided to do go on another research journey for products and I stumbled upon Mario Bedescu’s line. I have been using them since and this line has changed my skin and my life – yes my life! Anyway, so this has transformed my the texture of my skin as well. I use it every other night, which is the suggested use and I know why. It can become a little too much for the skin for a every day application. But, when I wake up in the morning my skin is plump, bright, moisturized just fresh! And its smoothed out bumps and cleared up hyper-pigmentation. I am on my third bottle of this gem. It ain’t cheap though and it smells like butt…I will be honest. But, its like almost holy grail status…almost.

Blemish Clearing Serum – I enjoy this product. I am on my third or fourth bottle of this. I think its a good barrier for every day from the elements – if that makes any sense. Its natural which is the sole purpose of buying this product, but I don’t really see much difference in my skin. I enjoy the smell, its almost a sticky type of application but, I think it has helped keep my break outs at bay and gives me smoothing properties with applying like my moisturizer, primer and makeup. Its just not a wow, factor for me, I use to notice a difference a lot when I first used it. It did help with breakouts calming them down and it did help brighten and made my skin feel soft but, I think I used this enough and I am ready to try out a different serum for a little bit. I do enjoy it though, so if you want a natural serum go for it!

Moisturizer: Mario Bedescu’s A.H.A & Ceramide Moisturizer/Eucerin Daily Protection Moisturizing Face Lotion

Uses: Every morning

For moisturizer’s those names are too long. And I just now realized how many Mario Bedescu items I use and I kind of want to make a drinking game of how many times I said Mario Bedecu in this post. Moving along…

A.H.A & Ceramide Moisturizer – I love this moisturizer. Its like a moisturizer I don’t have to think about. You know what I mean? Do you have those products you slap on and don’t have to worry if its going to break you out or cause more oil? You slap it on and go! When it comes to moisturizer – for me – I worry if it is going to cause more oil build up over the course of the day. Now, I know, even if you’re oily you still need to wear a moisturizer. I highly agree! But, that thought is still always in the back of my head and I have experienced some products that do cause me to produce more oil. Especially, if the products claim to be oil-free. The thing I have come to learn with MB’s products is that they brighten and protect from environmental damage. Like every product! Well, not all but, the majority, yes. I love how it has aloe and alpha hydroxy acid that helps hydrate your skin but, also protects it. I love it! Hands down my go to moisturizer.

Daily Protection Moisturizing Face Lotion – I love this too! I took a chance with this lotion. I just was roaming down the aisle in my local Target and wanted a good lotion with SPF for the summer. Saw this and thought I give it a chance. I heart this lotion so much! Don’t use too much though! I put too much on before the beach and my husband asked: “are you wearing sunscreen on your face? because your face is white” So, two things, make sure its rubbed in good and don’t put on too much cause it definitely has sunscreen in it and it’ll show. Plus, a little goes a long way. This doesn’t break me out, its lightweight, its not greasy{which was a huge plus for me} its great if your going to be in the sun all day and not wearing makeup. Its perfect for the summer. I just love this stuff.

Night Cream: Dermalogica’s Clear Start Breakout Clearing Overnight Treatment

Uses: Every other night{depends on how skin looks}

HOLY GRAIL! I cannot tell you how many times I noticed a break out coming through and this is the last step for my nightly routine and I wake up with clear bright beautiful skin! It happened so many times. Now, its a little harder with under the skin breakouts but, if you have whitehead coming in and slap this on that night. Vanished! Or noticeably smaller. I think this might be Dermalogica’s teenage line but, who cares, this stuff works! If you guys try anything, try this. Seriously.

Exfoliate: Lush’s Ocean Salt

Uses: Once a week

Lush is a solid product line. If you never heard of Lush, please, I highly suggest checking them out! I talked about their Dark Angel’s face wash above and these products are legit. Lush is another skincare line that helped me get clearer skin. So, I do need to mention that Harrisburg does not have a Lush. Get it together, Harrisburg! We need a Lush! Lancaster has horse and buggies but, they have a Lush! Anyway, no more ranting, Lush is known to be organic, cruelty-free, vegan and natural. All the things I always look for in a product. I was in Lancaster for the Apple Store and turned around the corner and their was Lush in its hippie glory and I let go of my husbands hand and basically skipped to the store. So, I have been in the market for a exfoliater and Ocean Salt was it. It smells like well, the ocean. It does a good job exfoliating my skin makes it feel really soft and moisturized because I was concerned it was going to strip my face of moisture until I read the ingredients and found out not only avocado was present but, so was my holiest of grails coconut! So, I enjoy this product. Would like to try something else though. But, until then this works well.

Mask: Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful Charcole & Black Sugar Mask

Uses: Once a week{currently once a month}

I was trying to find something with Charcoal in it since that sucks up oil in your skin. I wanted something for my wedding. My skin actually was looking good before my wedding but, I wanted to pamper myself and make sure my skin looked amazing and glowing. Plus, I wanted to start using a mask on my face again because that is a big part of my weekly skincare routine. I have to say, since I got married I really haven’t been wearing them often…cause I am a nerd and its awkward slapping a black mask on your face when your husband is around…eh, whatever I get embarrassed. I am so happy bought this. It absorbed the excess oil, it kept my face smooth and hydrated and I noticed a huge difference with the texture of my skin along with my pores and blackheads. Will continue buying this but, would like to try something else as well.

If there is anything I can stress, if you are battling with any skin condition: DO.YOUR.RESEARCH. Researching has helped differentiate if I either wanted to put that on my skin or not. Gives you a glimpse into the product line and read reviews, watch some Youtube videos. Youtube greatly helped me over the past couple of years. And I always say if you wear makeup at the end of the night TAKE.OFF.YOUR.MAKEUP. I cannot stress that enough you don’t want that stuff sitting on your face while you’re asleep…just no…if anything take a makeup wipe and take it off if you are exhausted.

I hope this information helped if you are currently battling with acne or oily skin give some of these products a try. I mean, I will not point you in the wrong direction, I can promise you that! I used my own money, time and research to find these products. And like I said maybe in the future I will share a different “holy grail” item.


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