Month Six

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I hate to be one of those people that have a countdown or post every single monthly anniversary – but, I sort of am that person. I try really hard not to be cheesy about it but, when you really love someone you almost subconsciously become well, cheesy. I would never post “3 month anniversary” because that is silly. Not everyone needs to know the countdown, but Zach and I have been keeping{shockingly, more so him} a personal countdown of our marriage so far. We have come to the halfway point: six month anniversary! Which I believe is something worth mentioning. You realize how much either your life with that person has changed and how much you both have grown in only a course of 6 months. Also, you realize how fast time is flying and asking yourself “seriously, where did the time go?” I remember awaiting our wedding date and thinking how excruciating long it was taking to come along. Alas, the wedding comes, honeymoon is over, life begins with your partner and now you both are like “its, already Nov!”

There are a few things I have learned to treasure in our marriage thus far and the major five things I could come up with is pretty awesome:

1.) We ARE best friends

To me a best friend is someone you feel 100% comfortable around. You talk about everything, you don’t feel judged over things your interested in, you joke about the things their interested in and they don’t get offended. You have inside jokes, they know when you’re upset. They call you out when you need a reality check. They’re always there when you need a shoulder to cry on and vice versa. You support each other, you are basically their #1 fan. Zach and I have that relationship. Yes, I understand we are husband and wife and that is to be expected but, you wont believe some people who don’t call their spouses their best friend. Our relationship is definitely more than physical and that is something I always wanted in a marriage: Friendship which in my eyes is priceless.

2.) We can make each other laugh

Laughing is one of my favorite feelings. Its therapeutic, it makes you feel happy and well, its fun. Laughing is good for the soul. No matter how annoyed I get with Zach, some way some how, he manages to make me laugh or crack a smile. Then I just end up getting over with whatever I am annoyed about. It keeps your relationship lively. Crack jokes, remind them of a funny time or remind them of a funny quote of a movie you both love. It doesn’t have to be anything involved. I notice when we’re having fun we’re closer.

3.) We have the same goals.

When I first met Zach and started to get to know him there was a point in the relationship when I said “wow, we don’t have much in common”. But, I was thinking in the sense of music, movies, fashion style etc. Stupid stuff! Stuff that doesn’t make a relationship. I mean yeah we have separate interest, then again we have a lot in common future wise. We see eye to eye on a lot of important things like being spiritually focus, finances, traveling, having kids{in the future}, styling our home, going out, cooking, entertaining, keeping family and friend relationships strong the list goes on. We may be different in a lot of ways but, we are very alike in things that actually matter and will continue to make us a stronger couple.

4.) We don’t go to bed angry

Okay, maybe once it happened. But, we were quick to talk it out the next day. Which I always appreciated about, Zach. He never lets me sulk or allows me to go days without talking about a disagreement or an argument. And I don’t want to be that way either. I grew up where my parents wouldn’t even talk to each other for a few days over a stupid argument that escalated. And I always told myself I would always settle my issues with my husband quickly. Thankfully, Zach feels the same. We talk it out, we settle the issue and we forget about it. And that is how it should be.

5.) Love

Best thing about being married to Zach, is that he is patient, kind, loving, handsome, vocal, endearing, caring and funny. He is a gem. I could not have asked for a better person to share my life with forever. ❤


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