TGIF: I Just Can’t Stop Listening

adele-hello-notesHmmm….I think everyone else has been listening instead of me. Let me explain:


I am not a huge fan of this song….so with that said I have been avoiding it like the plague. I get it! I totally understand why people are flipping out over this song. Its powerful, emotional and well, its Adele singing her heart out. Please, don’t get me wrong I always appreciated Adele’s music. I loved her albums “19” and “21” Its just don’t you all agree this sounds exactly like her last few singles? And is she seriously still singing about that ex-boyfriend?! Hasn’t that shipped sailed? I feel this was too easy of a ballad to jump start her new album. I haven’t listened to the new album yet which hit stores today. And I am still not going to hear it cause I am not going out and buying it on Itunes or in stores when I spend money every month on Spotify. So, with that I want to apologize to anyone who was hoping I would review Adele’s new album and I apologize to any who is offended that I am not too keen on the new single “Hello”.

But, I will say this! Her makeup is perfection in the video!

P.S: I apologize for no music, since WordPress changed the format I am having issues sharing anything. Will fix.

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