TGIF: I Just Can’t Stop Listening

Lord Huron has easily became a new favorite of mine. I heard them – don’t laugh – on the movie Endless Love starring Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde shockingly enough. So, as corny and ridiculous that movie can be the soundtrack was actually pretty good. On the Endless Love Soundtrack there are two Lord Huron songs “Ends of the Earth” and “Time To Run”. I personally love both of these songs. So, fast forward to when I was wedding planning, I use to follow these wedding websites that featured these awesome weddings. And I am a HUGE sucker for wedding videos{even though I didn’t do one myself} but, there was this one gorgeous French wedding with a gorgeous couple and they had both “Ends of the Earth” and “Time To Run” in their video and it was PERFECT. I was like in love with the music all over again and decided to follow the band on Spotify. So, I am giving you not one but, three songs that I can’t get enough of: Enjoy!

The Stranger 

Time To Run

Ends Of The Earth


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