Favorites: Lipstick

Good evening one and all,

I have been wanting to share some solid makeup favorites and since this is the time of year everyone wants a bold lip, I figure I could share some of my constant favorites – all year round.

Normally, during the day I prefer not to wear lipstick. Its just so much work for me to take care while I am sipping coffee, drinking a smoothie, eating etc…its just a commitment for me, personally.

Now, I love to wear a nice bold lip when I am either going on a date night, going out, to a party or simply when I feel a little down or blah and want a pick me up.

So, here you have it, my favorite lipsticks:

1.) L’Oreal’s Colour Riche#892 Raisin Rapture 


I recently picked this lipstick up at my local Target store. I was looking for a different color but, could not find it anywhere and I just happened to check this one out and thought “wow, this is a really pretty color!” So, I decided to try it out and the moment I jumped into my car I tried it on and LOVED it! I love how its not too, in your face. It is more subtle and easier to wear day to day. I decided to wear it to work and it does have a nice color pay off, but you do need to reapply throughout the day. I liked how comfortable the lipstick felt and it didn’t dry out my lips. A lip liner would help it last longer.

2.) Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick#010 Wine Not


My sister is notorious for buying lipsticks{expensive lipsticks} but, never ever wearing them because she doesn’t wear makeup. She found out Revlon had a matte lipstick line and this was one of the colors. I tried it out and I thought it was perfect! It goes on sheer but, it is build-able. It is almost like a film noir type color – which is why I love it so much and even though it is a darker color it can be easily worn during the day and has good staying power. Again, it is matte so you will need to wear a lip balm underneath. I think this lipstick has been discontinued? Because I bought this off of Ebay. I could not find it in stores anywhere.

3.) Mac’sViva Glam


This was my first true introduction to my perfect red lip. I decided to visit MAC with a few friends and the girl helped me look for a good shade and this was it. I wore this non-stop! As you can see it has been used quite often. During my journey of looking for a darker red lipstick I put this away and I felt it was looking too bright. After, I tried it on today I realized its still a beautiful red color and will definitely start wearing more often again. This does dry my lips out so, I make sure I wear a lip balm underneath along with having to apply some more during the day…but, it doesn’t budge!

4.) NYX Soft Matte Lip CreamCannes


 I’ll be honest, I am not a fan of nude lipsticks. I did get introduced to MAC’s Cosmo through my makeup artist for my wedding. And I loved it at first, but it was way too pink on me. And I am not a fan of pink lipstick in the slightest. I have pigmented lips too, so it has been a struggle to find a good nude-ish color. But, Canne’s is it! It does still have some pink notes but, I think it hits pretty close to my lip color. I wear it if I feel I need something on my lips to make me look more put together. Shockingly, enough it is definitely a matte lipstick and has very good staying power. NYX has easily become one of my all time favorite drugstore makeup and these lip cream’s never let me down.

5.) NYX Soft Matte Lip CreamCopenhagen


 This color is perfection. I wore it to my husbands cousin’s party and his cousin’s wife and his other cousin asked to wear it because they loved it so much. I have gotten nothing but, compliments on this color and it easily became a favorite. Same deal with Cannes applys the same, only thing is it is a darker color so you’ll have to apply a few applications to achieve the color you desire. The only annoyance was that the staying power is not all there. It kept coming off and so, I am thinking I need to apply a lip liner the next time I want it to last.

6.) ColourPop!’sAvenue

First, of all, I am a little disappointed that the letters rubbed off the tube and the silver of the top is flaking off as well. All I did was leave it in my purse for a few weeks without touching it and that is what happened. But, at the same time I only spent $6 for a fantastic lipstick so I should just suck it up. But, the tube looked so nice with the “ColourPop” logo on it. Anyway, this has become my favorite red lipstick. I said I was looking for a darker red color and I found it! It is a matte liquid lipstick. I was skeptical at first due to the fact that it was so cheap and I never used liquid lipstick before this one. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. I only apply no more than twice and it STAYS ALL DAY! So, much so that I was still trying to take it off the next day.

I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know if anyone has used these lipsticks and your feedback!

Till next time!

P.S: Yes, I realize my hair needs to be washed. It has been a long week.


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