Hosting A Whiskey Party

 Zach and I, hosted our first party together which was as the title entails: A Whiskey Party.

I have only hosted one other get together before and that was my bonfire like, four years ago now. So, I am rusty in the hosting party game. Which brought upon me being anxious and I think I drove Zach a little bonkers a few times. I get anxious in general when people visit my home just for dinner and hosting a party is a different story.

But, to be completely honest, I was worrying about nothing. And I had a lot of fun doing research on how to host a whiskey party.

1.) Invite ones who are whiskey lovers.

You would want to cater this type of party to ones who actually enjoy drinking whiskey. You want everyone to enjoy tasting other whiskey’s in hopes to advance their whiskey palate and they might find one they really like.

2.) Pairings

We found that with whiskey you want to open up your whiskey with a drop of water or two, cleanse your palate between whiskeys with oyster crackers{which are delicious}, compliment your whiskey with apples and dark chocolate which really opened up the flavors.

3.) Have The Right Glassware 

Due to research, tulip glasses are perfect for whiskey tasting. The tulip shape of the lip brings out the aroma of the whiskey and opens up the flavor. Where you really benefit of not only the smell but, the taste as well.

4.) Variety 

We had a great time with the tasting because there were different types of whiskey’s to try. We did have over the “normal” amount of bottles six, since we had a good crowed coming almost everyone brought a bottle so our bottle choices were nine. But, hey, it was fun. I know there were a few Irish whiskey’s, Scottish Whiskies, Bourbon whiskey etc. There were a few to choose from which made the tasting lively.

What I loved about this type of party was that there was a theme that everyone could talk about throughout the night. We made some appetizers and put out cheese plates to compliment the whiskey and to have plenty of food in people’s stomachs as well. Overall, I had a great time and maybe you would be interested in hosting a party yourself.


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