Its Purging Time

I feel like I have been purging for like, two years. First, I purged when I moved from South Jersey to the suburbs of Harrisburg. Then I purged again when I moved in with my husband to the city of Harrisburg. And I recently purged again this past month for the new year.

This new year purge was different though. I, like many other people, like to hang on to sentimental things such as movie tickets, pins from concerts, concert tickets, trinkets I thought were cool/cute, that button I can’t remember which shirt it belongs but, I will ultimately find out one day. Stuff, that doesn’t truly matter. Whereas, I also was hanging on to certain pieces of clothing that I honestly have not worn in more than 2 years. I keep thinking “oh, if this occasion pops up, yes I have a reason to wear it.” “hm, this dress hasn’t fit me in ages, will it fit this year?” or my favorite “well, its not really my style anymore but like I had so many fond memories connected to this shirt” Good example? I still have my flare jeans and refuse to give them up because I swore they would make a comeback – and to my astonishment they have! But, they’re not the cool ’70’s vibe flared jeans. And ultimately I believe they may be too small for me now.{I am in denial I haven’t tried them on in several years.}

Zach, was right, I have too many cloths that I don’t even wear. So, one day, I told myself, you just need to get rid of them. One day after work, I fed my cat, Sage, walked upstairs and started tearing out my closets and dresser drawers. I got rid of anything I didn’t like anymore or weren’t my style, things that didn’t fit properly, clothes I haven’t worn in 6 months-2 years, got rid of shoes that I knew I haven’t worn and never will wear again and even down to my winter scarfs and underwear and bras{those I disposed of, just in case anyone was wondering!} I was left with my bathroom trash can filled to the brim with clothing that needed to be thrown away and two huge trash bags filled with clothes to take to Goodwill.

I have to admit, I still hung on to a few items just in case! Because, I have had moments where I was going to get rid of an item and ended up keeping it and loving it the next year. So, it can happen.

The reason I wanted to start this post is that I have to say I love watching Youtube videos of girls with Clothing Capsules and how they get by with a few items of clothing and how they transition them for each season. I don’t know if I am that close to doing a capsule, but I was thinking about trying it this summer and see how I like it. I am a person who only wears certain things in the summer and barely anything else. A lot of denim shorts with a tank or t-shirt and summer dresses. I like to keep it simple in the summer. So, I am hoping to start my first video with a “Closet Confidential” video very soon.



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Nina. 31. Central Pennsylvania. I enjoy talking about music, books, makeup, hair, clothing, lifestyle, and eating healthy{work in progress}. What I enjoy here will be published on my blog.

2 thoughts on “Its Purging Time”

    1. When I purge, I actually feel a weight lifted off of me. Its so refreshing. I have not gotten to jewelry yet, but its next. And skincare/hair care products is going to be a struggle to part with. I will pray for you, Marisa!


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