Inspiration: Curly Bangs

I found a reason to keep my hair curly forever!

If anyone knows me well, I love bangs!

When I was straightening my hair every day, every fall I would get a full heavy bang and I loved them! It gave me a different look, but back then I didn’t take care of them as well as I would now.

Two bangs I envy:

Which is no surprise to a lot of people I know. But, let’s be honest here – I was not born with naturally straight hair.

What I have noticed recently, is that a lot of curly girls wearing bangs and I LOVE them. Since, my hair has gotten longer I like wearing it curly more…sort of…work in progress. But, since summer is coming and I know for a fact that I cannot wear my hair straight much in the summer due to humidity I wanted to find some cuter ways to wear my curly hair.

Here are a few inspiration pictures:



I was trying to be as true to my curl pattern as possible. I have low poristy, 3b curl pattern so I know if I decide to get bangs its going to be pretty curly. If I possibly do get bangs, this is most likely how they’ll end up looking if I don’t over do it in product.

The goal though here is to NOT look like I stepped out of the ’80’s.{P.S I love ’80’s music!}

So, thoughts on curly bangs? Yay or Nay? If you had or have curly bangs how did you take care of them?


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