Diary Time: I Use To Be Cool

This is a reflective as well as an ultimate realization post. 

Yesterday, there was a show going on at our local brewery, Zeroday. Our friends along with their kids were going and Zach and I would meet up. So, when we got there the bands had already started and I grabbed a beer and sat down with my friend and her son. As, I was looking around I couldn’t help but feel a bit out of my element. Well, I felt comfortable but, I couldn’t help but notice all of these young people who had their cool outfits and the girls were effortlessly dressed in their fashionable hipster way. And I am like, wow, I totally lost my touch. I felt shall I say ‘old’. All I can say is that I never strive to be the coolest person in the room I will never say I ever effortlessly conveyed this really cool hip presence. But, I felt I was always on the up and up. I felt at least I stayed current and  it wasn’t to impress people it was just because I enjoyed doing it and I had the time to do it.

And as I may have felt a bit out of place, I still felt at peace with myself. I didn’t go home and criticize my wardrobe or agonized over my hair. I just joked with my husband and friends and said: “wow, guys, I am not cool anymore.” Then laughed it off.

But, you know what that is okay! My life is now more full than it was when I was parading around useless information I could share about a certain band or clothes, etc.

I may not have the coolest vintage duds, but I can still appreciate good music and enjoy a concert like I was 19 years old all over again.


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Nina. 31. Central Pennsylvania. I enjoy talking about music, books, makeup, hair, clothing, lifestyle, and eating healthy{work in progress}. What I enjoy here will be published on my blog.

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