A Week In The Bay Area: Part I

I loved our week long trip to, California, at the beginning of the month! It was a jam packed week but, we were happy we did, because we can now pinpoint where and what we’ll want to do on our next visit – which I pray is sooner than later.

Our trip started in San Jose, CA. Zach, who is a huge fan of the football team The 49ers, wanted so desperately to see a game while we were there.  I indulged him and even wore his 49ers sweater that I gifted him while we were dating, only because it was chilly! Besides, I never normally support his team and he was so excited.

The 49ers played Dallas Cowboys and unfortunately, they lost in the second half. But, the stadium is beautiful! You get a great view of the mountains. So, despite the lost, we had a lot of fun.

On Monday, we had nothing planned. We didn’t even have a place to stay that night. So, we were being vagabonds.

We decided hey since were here and having nothing else going on, why not check out Alcatraz.

It was the only overcast day of our whole trip. Which we were told was “a beautiful day on the Rock” because if it was sunny the wind would just slap you pretty much.

So, we took the audio tour of the prison which was interesting. But, the coolest part was the view! You could see all of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Oakland Bay Bridge. Plus, being on that one spot and seeing all of that view from the ocean was pretty spectacular. We walked around Fishermans Wharf a bit, afterwards, which is very touristy. But, we had nothing better to do.

That night we visited a brewery that Zach wanted to check out which was cool but, honestly, I wasn’t floored by the beers I have tasted.

He also found us a two star hotel to stay that night{which totally weirded me out} but, it turned out okay.

Now, the true fun begins: San Francisco!

San Francisco, is a beautiful city!

It is a little weird, because when I am in New York City, I feel claustrophobic. I just feel everyone is on top of one another. Whereas, in San Francisco I didn’t feel that way at all. Yes, there were a lot of people around but, I didn’t feel like I was on top of someone.

We loved how laid back everyone was and how easily everyone was willing to talk to you. That was a breathe of fresh air.

We stayed in the most beautiful condo in the Mission District right off of 24th St – which is a 10 minute walk to Bart.

Here is a sneak peak. More on this condo later.

So, our first day in the city all we did was explore. We took the Bart to Port St to check out Union Square. We figured we could take the trolley and once we saw the line we decided against it and walked the entire time. Which was fine by me.


I highly suggest checking out Chinatown! It was really cool.


Think of the steepest hill you ever walked up and times it by ten! That is how steep the roads are! I wasn’t ready and I think I burned ten pounds hiking up those sidewalks alone.

I hope you all enjoyed the first half of out San Francisco trip! I can’t wait to share more.


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