Positive: Vibes

Pun intended.

I want to talk about positivity.

When you are bogged down with life and when it comes to dealing with struggles in our life along with stress we can forget to be positive. I know I definitely forget. I have been dealing with a lot of emotional stress due to family issues and its been a very frustrating situation as well. So, not only am I sad but I am also angry and that mixed together does not concoct well. I have been dealing with my stress in the worst way possible and I knew I had to make a significant change with how I deal with stress along with how to stay more positive regardless of what is going on in my life: good or bad.

I talked to my doctor and I have been researching myself to alleviate stress in a good way. So, here are a few things I have been practicing to stay more positive:


Honestly, praying helps me a lot.

When I am very stressed, anxious or upset I tend to forget to stop and pray. But, I have made it more of a practice recently. I have noticed that after I poured my heart out – there may be crying involved – I feel a lot better.

Even though, there are days when its harder to forget what is bothering me, I try to keep these scriptures in mind:

Matthew 6:34: “So never be anxious about the next day, for the next day will have its own anxieties. Each day has enough of its own troubles.”

Isaiah 41:10: “Do not be afraid, for I am with you. Do not be anxious, for I am your God. I will fortify you, yes, I will help you, I will really hold on to you with my right hand of righteousness.’

I have been recalling these verses a lot and I have to say they have helped tremendously and I am able to shake off any negative feelings I have at the moment and keep moving forward.


This is something I have struggled with for years! But, every single time I hear anything dealing with reducing stress exercise is always mentioned – and I hate working out.

But, in order to feel better and more positive I told myself I have to do it.

Honestly, I hate the gym. I hate everything about the gym. I have been following this Pilates YouTube channel for awhile and I decided to start there and tackle one of the calender’s they provide. And ever since I have been doing that I have been feeling ten times better! I went from sitting on my butt watching TV normally with a glass of wine the moment I got home from work to getting dressed to workout for 45 min. I have noticed a huge difference in my stress levels and I also am happier as well.

Endorphin’s, man!

Drinking Less

Yes, alcohol.

I don’t think I ever truly noticed this before. But, when I am upset, sad or stressed I start to drink thinking it would make me feel more “relaxed” “calm” – um, maybe if I would only stick to one or two!

It actually causes me more stress. Because I end up drinking too much and do something I’ll regret the next day.

Again, this is all recent. I don’t know if this reasoning is stemmed from maturity or a recent wake up call – I am going to say both – that makes me want to cut down significantly but, I have come to terms that I cannot drink when I am sad. EVER! Also, I have to cut down drastically on my alcoholic beverages, period.

Willpower is what I need the most right now.

I am not going to BS with you all and say “I am taking a vow to never drinking again”. For me, that is unrealistic. In general, I need to develop a healthy relationship with it instead of an abusive one.


I started changing my thought process.

When you are constantly saying “Oh, woe, is me” you are just creating a negative environment for your mind. You start to become self absorbed and think that you’re the only one with problems.

  You have to stop and remember the good things you have in life. I have a lot of things to be grateful for. When you stop and “smell the roses” you put your anxiety and stress into perspective. I started feeling more positive when I didn’t dwell on the matter so much. Because at the end of the day, I have no control over the situation. None.  And no good is going to come out of you taking pity on yourself. Life is precious.

At the end of the day, I want to become a better person.


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Nina. 31. Central Pennsylvania. I enjoy talking about music, books, makeup, hair, clothing, lifestyle, and eating healthy{work in progress}. What I enjoy here will be published on my blog.

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