June 2017: Life Update

Gesh, where to begin?

Well, I hope everyone enjoys the newly updated look! I didn’t change the format because it is working for me for the time being. I just updated the colors for something a little more cozy. It is a bit more feminine but, I am digging it so it shall stay for awhile.

Life has been insane!

My husband and I are moving out of the city in September.

My father-in-law has been saying for the past year in a half that he wanted to move back home to Texas. And we weren’t sure if he was just saying that because he was sad and lonely without his wife or if he was being serious. There was a lot of back and forth. So, at the tail end of 2016 he was like: “yes, this is happening I want to move by May 2017”. Another subject that kept going back and forth was him wanting us to buy the house from him. At first, we didn’t want it. We were planning on staying in the city for another five years. We at least wanted to have our first child in the city and then once they were school age we would move out of the city. That was our plan.

Like, life, plans change.

In December, my husband was offered an awesome job opportunity to have his own business and be his own boss.

We weighed the pros and cons. He wanted to get out of wrenching. I wanted him to get out of wrenching as well. But, the only thing is he would have to fly out to St. Louis, MO for two months. TWO MONTHS! My husband informed me that if he takes this job he has to have a garage. And guess who had a two door garage? My father-in-law’s house.

So, we agreed to take the house. My father-in-law was happy and he was giving us a really good deal on the house but, with one stipulation: we were responsible for getting rid the stuff in the house. I felt some kind of way about that for a while. And I felt weird and awkward about it because, it wasn’t my stuff to get rid of…you know what I mean? Plus, I was annoyed that I had to help someone else who didn’t have a job to get rid of their stuff…to be completely honest.

Are you exhausted yet?

That is really where all the stress consumed. Also, I had a really serious family issue that I was dealing with as well, which didn’t help my stress levels.

I went through sort of a depression for a while after that. My husband was gone, my family is all out of whack, I feel like I am being forced to move when I don’t want to, I have to get rid of 40 years worth of stuff by May and somehow find time to pack up our house. Plus, the debt we got ourselves into with preparing for Zach’s new job…it was a lot!

Fast forward to today, thankfully, we have a few more months. My father-in-law if I am understanding right, he is officially moving the third week of July. We donated all the little nick knack stuff he didn’t want to Goodwill, an auctioneer took all the big furniture he wasn’t bringing with him to Texas, I got my husband back and so far his job is very rewarding and I am very happy for my him because he seems to really enjoy it and I enjoy working a long side him as his secretary. I am still working full-time so that and juggling a new business is a lot some days but, I know it wont be forever.

I have come to terms that we are moving out of the city a lot faster than I wanted to. But, it is okay, I love the backyard! And the house is nice, it just needs some updating cosmetically. We are not going to do anything to the house until sometime next year. We could use the next few months to settle in our new home and have some relative peace of mind. ┬áSo, I’ll have to deal with pinkish carpet and a red master bathroom – I wish I was joking with you about that but, I am not.

A lot of fun stuff is coming up soon!

I have a few blog post that I am excited to get out soon! And we have some fun trips planned this summer despite the crazy move!





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3 thoughts on “June 2017: Life Update”

  1. I hear you on depression front. Ive had some things happen in last few yrs that spiralled me down into darkness and while fighting to get out of it it has been a true struggle especially due to the circumstances of climbing out of a broken home. However I have made it to be a woman of strength that I never knew existed and with my angel (fiance) by my side we are climbing to good. I want to wish you the best of all things. I read your money diary and I think you are handling things beautifully. I want to tell you that courage and balance and positivity like yours is noticible and strikes jealousy in some and those keyboard warriors have nothing on you! Youre a strong resillient woman with lots to be happy for , as am I . Live your own life your own journey and do whats best for you and enjoy your husband and dont let anyone tell you otherwise . Im 29 too. Cant believe Im gona be 30! Where did the time go right? Anyway feel free to email me. Take care Nina! – Im Nora!


    1. Nora, I wanted to thank you so much for such kind words!
      Whew, those comments almost got to me but, then I received nice ones and encouraging ones like yours and I realize people just don’t understand our situation fully. And that is okay. I get it.
      Me and my husband have a lot on our plate that the moment but, it’ll die down sooner than later and after our big move out of the city it will all be worth it!

      Thank you, for the best wishes! And yes, I do enjoy my husband he is the best and not controlling like some of the commenters were perceiving.

      Oh, my goodness, isn’t weird that we wont be in our 20’s anymore?! Like, that freaks me out a bit haha. Feel free to contact me anytime as well, Nora!


      1. Im so glad to help. Absolutely you are on the right path! About turning 30- I was never the type to worry about stuff like that- feeling old and what not. Then again maybe cause I was in my 20s. I feel like Ive just realized a couple months ago that Ill never be a 20 something yr old again and its kind of scaring me. Ive always been the younger of my friends and my fiance is 36 and my soon to be brother in law and sis in law and their friends are older than me so I just felt so youthful and now- ugh. I feel like most of me feels sad and wanted to do better in my 20s career wise ( Im in process of changing careers) but the other half is excited and I want to use 30 as my rebirth or something lol. Anyway so glad we got in touch. Feel free to reach out any time as well!


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