Cumberland Street

Its is with a heavy heart, that I will be leaving my city home and seeing it furnished for the last time this weekend.

Zach and I are moving to the suburbs of Harrisburg.

My husband bought this house six years ago and refinished the entire house in the first three years! I pretty much reaped the benefits of his and his roommates hard labor.

 I tried putting my own touches in the house by lightning candles, bringing in plants{that didn’t die!}, having a vase of flowers occasionally, decorating our kitchen entry way{that you can kind of see through the featured photo}, along with a lot of pretty hand towels etc. And the reason I didn’t do too much in the house was because I thought the house was beautiful on its own. I didn’t feel the need to clutter{which for reference I hate clutter} the home with a lot of pictures or decorate excessively. For one thing, that is not really me or my aesthetic nor my husbands. Also, the mid century furniture that my husband refinished really added a lot of richness and made the room look very put together.

Its bittersweet to leave a place that hold so many memories.

A lot for my husband since this was his sweet bachelor pad for four years, plus he invested so much time, blood, sweat and tears in this house. And this was my first home that I did not share with my parents. We hosted a few awesome parties that were a lot of fun and remain good memories, we hosted a few intimate dinners, I made my first turkey dinner and I didn’t screw it up! We adopted our first pet/child.

I am going to miss my 3-5 walk to my favorite places. Like, literally, everything is right here at our fingertips. I believe I became very spoiled living in the city.

What I won’t miss is the parking. Ugh, the parking is the worst in the city of Harrisburg.

Not all is lost; What I am looking forward to is relative peace and slowing our life down a bit. We are not moving far, only 15-20 minutes away. But, our new backyard is very peaceful and you see a lot of woodland critters running around. I look forward to cooking more meals at home, making the house feel our own, settling down more and having my own parking space in front of my house{hehehe}.


So long, Cumberland St. Thank you for being good to us.



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Nina. 31. Central Pennsylvania. I enjoy talking about music, books, makeup, hair, clothing, lifestyle, and eating healthy{work in progress}. What I enjoy here will be published on my blog.

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