Baby Fever

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I desperately needed to take another photo of myself because they are either all with Zach or none at all. And I am not big on taking selfies quite honestly, but, there are some days you just want to make yourself feel better when you don’t.

I also, hate taking pictures of myself and always felt a bit narcissistic when I would take them plus, life gets busy and you have more important things to do along with I don’t always feel like showing my face to the world. Despite many people asking me to share more.

Ever since Monday after coming back from a very busy weekend driving back and forth from Harrisburg to Reading from Friday-Sunday for our Regional Convention and with all the other highly active weekends beforehand when I woke up, I felt like shutting down. And mostly was due to Aunt Flo visiting which really did not help anything. I woke up feeling very groggy, uncomfortable, gross and most of all exhausted. Oh, and we cannot forget all the emotions that I was feeling! They’re always a blast. Due to said emotions, I couldn’t get over that Zach, and I got married in regards to a lot of his friends sort of “late”. Which I know we didn’t! We got married at the time that was right for us when we met the right person. That is what I should have been thinking. But, now, I have been getting invited to a lot of baby showers. And have been asked a lot about when we are starting a family. Every couple that we know have either been married for 10 years already and or have children and they’re 27 years old on their second child.  I am 27. I would love to have kids! But, we are not ready to have kids. I told Zach how I felt, in tears, how I felt maybe by the time were ready it will be too late. Which he lovingly said “it won’t be.”

I know that sounds silly but, bringing a child into this world is a big deal to me because well, its a human you are solely responsible for and have to raise to be a functioning human being. And that kind of freaks me out. But, I am ready for that challenge whenever it presents itself. Just not now, haha!

There has been a lot of struggles and joys this year so far and I won’t say its taking a toll but, its teaching me to be a stronger person not only for myself but, also for Zach since were in this together.

Hope you liked my rant!

If you are newly married, what are your thoughts?