‘Cause I Am Cheap: Drugstore Foundation

Ever get tired of spending $50+ for a foundation? Well, that has happened to me this summer. Not only was I tired of spending boo-coo amount of money on foundation alone, but ever since I moved to Downtown Harrisburg the Ulta is in the opposite direction of home and I would have to travel 30 minutes{with traffic} just to get there. And I am way too impatient for shopping online when it comes to makeup. So, I thought “why not give drugstore foundation a try again?” I kept seeing Youtubers rave about two drugstore foundations that seem fairly new:

Maybelline’s Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation

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Loreal’s Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR Foundation

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I have been going back and forth with both. I like both of them! But, I’ll give you my pro’s and con’s for both.

Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation

To start, the color selection is awesome! I did buy the wrong color initially ‘Soft Tan'{I believe} and it was way too orange! I thought it was perfect even when I stood in the natural light in front of the window at Ulta’s but, I was wrong. When I first tried that color my husband walked in and he was like “whoa, you’re wearing a lot of makeup today’ and I was like “what?! That’s not good!” and found out the color was way off. So, I ended up getting ‘Warm Honey’ and it was the perfect color match. Now, I would say this may be more of my summer color since I did get a tan, but, we shall see. I love how it is build able and not thick. Its perfect for summer. Now, there are two issues I have with it. That after a few hours I am very oily and it breaks me out. Like when I wear this foundation I notice I start breaking out in little red pimples…and its so weird. Now, I have been using CVS’s version of primer so I don’t know if that is it but, I truly don’t believe so since I use it with the Loreal foundation and never have that reaction.

Over all, I really like this foundation a lot! Only issue is that and probably the ultimate reason why I would limit use is due to breaking me out. Which is a huge no-no for me.

Infalliable Pro-Matte 24HR Foundation

Now, unlike, Fit Me, the color selection is not that great. And it was very difficult to match or get a close enough match. I literally went back and forth between two colors for more than a half hour in Ulta. I was running back and forth to the window for natural light and I am sure I looked stupid. But, I didn’t want to make the same mistake like before and have to come back and return it. I ended up matching{mostly} with ‘Caramel Beige’ which makes me laugh cause any color with the name “beige” usually doesn’t match but, whatever. The finish of this foundation{to me anyway} felt like my tried and true HG Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation. That’s when I fell in love and it looks flawless. The color actually doesn’t look bad at all and it doesn’t break me out! Yay! Plus, this foundation last all day.

The big con with both of these products I would say that I never dealt with when it came to my Amazonian Clay foundation is that it transfers. Meaning, when I hug someone or put a shirt over my head it gets on clothes. And that drives me crazy. I actually have to mentally make sure my face¬†doesn’t touch clothes. I mean, does finishing spray help with that? If anyone has this issue or know of any good tricks PLEASE let me know!

I must say drugstore makeup has come a long way. As a half white and half black girl with red undertones it was very hard to match my skintone. I was skeptical trying these products but, I faced my fear of drugstore foundation and was actually pleasantly surprised.